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The item conduit is a powerful item conduit, able to transport items instantly and having a large amount of customization and upgrades. Like other conduits: it can be placed in the same block as other types of conduits, each side is configurable and it can be hidden with Conduit Facades.

Each face of the conduit can accept Item Conduit Speed Upgrades to increase the speed at which they operate. Each face of the conduit can be configured to 4 different modes.


Each connection of the item conduit to a block with an inventory can be set to a different mode: Insert, Extract, In/Out, or Disabled. Disabled simply makes the cable not connect to that block.


In extract mode, the cable will pull items from the connected inventory and send them to an appropriate destination on the same network. Item Filters can be added to filter out certain items. Redstone mode can add additional control to the extraction. A channel color can be set causing the extracted items to only be sent to Inserting conduits with a matching color. Finally, the extract mode has a "Round Robin" mode, which will attempt to evenly distribute items it extracts to appropriate inventories.


Like the extract mode, the insert mode also has options for a channel color, and Item Filters. Additionally a priority can be set, which will determine which inventories the network will send items first. (TIP: The higher the number, the more you want it there) Unlike Extract mode, Insert mode does not have redstone controls.


This mode is a combination of both Insert and Extract modes. The insert and extract functionality can be separately configured by pressing the red arrow in the GUI. Additionally, this mode has a "Self Feed Disabled" mode which prevents it from sending items to itself.


Ingredients Input » Output
Conduit Binder +
Pulsating Iron Nugget
Conduit Binder Conduit Binder Conduit Binder Grid layout Arrow (small).png Item Conduit8
Pulsating Iron Nugget Pulsating Iron Nugget Pulsating Iron Nugget
Conduit Binder Conduit Binder Conduit Binder

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This video guide runs through the GUI basics on how to get your conduits (especially Item Conduits) setup and configured!

Mod Guide - Item Conduits

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